Lab #9

Part 1:

-My audience is teenagers that use social media or have been on social media before.

-The purpose of my article is to make people more aware of how social media can become an addiction and also how it affects our brain.

Part 2:

Exposition: trying to give up social media but failing

Complication: Why couldn’t I give it up?

Because of that: brain likes using social media and we feel pleasure (oxytocin)

Because of that: social comparison

Because of that: Essena O’Neill and Stina Sanders approached social media in different ways (fake reality on social media)

Because of that: addiction is real

Because of that: Social media sites use algorithms to make it more addictive

Climax: imagine losing track of time at a concert because of social media

Denouement: more aware of my social media habits, also aware about addiction

Part 4:

Imagine you’ve dreamt about attending your favourite singer’s concert every day. You start a countdown on your phone, checking each time to see how many minutes remain until you can breathe the same air as them. And finally, the day has arrived. You are ecstatic to be in the same room as them. You’re dressed in your best clothes that you picked out a week ago and you’re ready to sing so loudly that you’ll lose your voice by the end of the night. Three, two, one… They rise onto the stage and the crowd roars like a race car revving up its engine. Holy $%&#! You grab your phone and quickly start filming. You send a snap to your friend green with envy. But, you don’t stop there. You keep taking videos for your Snapchat story. OMG, that video is so insta-worthy. Soon enough, that annoying “Cannot Take Photo” message pops up because you don’t have enough storage. Darn, you’re going to miss the finale. “Thank you so much for an amazing night! You guys rock”, they say as they run off the stage. You missed the entire concert because you were too busy posting and now it’s over. You know that next concert, you’re not bringing your phone.



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