Reading Response #11

  1. I really enjoyed the process of working on the article. I have never worked on a piece for this long and it was nice to go through the steps of brainstorming and then rewriting drafts. This process taught me to choose the words that I am writing carefully. There should be a thought process as to why you wrote what you did. I also learned that less is more. Before this class, I thought it was more important to provide all the details but I learned that you can communicate what you are trying to say with one sentence rather than three sentences filled with “fluff”. In terms of practices of writing, rewriting will definitely stick with me. It’s so important to constantly try and improve what you have written. What I will take away from this class is to always write in my style. I may not be the best writer but my style and voice are important and I should stay true to them.
  2. I think analogies will become useful in my future writing. I never truly understood what an analogy was until this class. This technique has resonated with me because they’re fun to write and they are very efficient at getting your point across. They make everything easier to understand. I also think ethical arguments are important. They can make all the difference in if the reader believes what you are saying.
  3. My writing has improved since I was able to learn numerous new techniques. They are very useful tools and are fundamental for writing. I also think my writing improved by learning how to take out what is unnecessary. Writing strong sentences is an essential skill. I believe that this is the only English class at Dawson where I learned how to write and improved on it. I really enjoyed the progression of writing the article and the freedom we had to write it. In every other English course, I was assigned the same essay over and over and it was refreshing to write on my own in this class.
  4. I will continue to work on writing and incorporating imagery. This is still one of my weaknesses and I would like to improve on it.

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