Lab #5

Part One:

  1. Why couldn’t I give up social media?
  2. 1- Social media and sleeping disorders

2- Careers in social media

3-Social media addiction


5-Social media and bullying

6-Social media and loneliness

7-Communication skills

8-Social media safety

9-Social connection

10-Spread of information/news by social media

Part Two:

Social media use in young adults linked to sleep disturbance

  • social media usage can be causing sleep disturbances in teens
  • 11 most popular social media platforms at the time: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, Snapchat, Reddit, Tumblr, Pinterest, Vine and LinkedIn
  •  Teen who have difficulty sleeping may use social media as a pleasurable way to pass the time when they can’t fall asleep or return to sleep

Social Media Use in Teens Linked to Poor Sleep, Anxiety

  • using social media at any point was significantly related to decreased sleep quality, lower self-esteem, increased anxiety and depression levels in the participants
  • frequent social media use in teens was tied to an increased risk of poor mental

Part Three:

The Impact of Social Media on Personal and Professional Lives: An Adlerian Perspective

  • Social media can help reach isolated individuals or rural communities.
  • Not much privacy on social media

The Facebook Feedback Hypothesis of personality and social belonging

  • Social media affects introverts and extroverts.
  • Theory that it will have no effect on extroverts but introverts will feel less of belongingness from Facebook
  • Facebook users tend to share more online than offline, present ideal selves and more positive life than reality
  • Not posting and just looking on Facebook produces decreased sense of belonging
  • Extroverts likely to be more active on Facebook
  • Study shows that the more hours people spent on Facebook, the more they believed that others were happier and generally had better lives than them

  • Introverts use Facebook to reduce loneliness and compensate for weak social relations

Part Four:

20 Reasons Why Social Media Is Good For Us

  • Make us laugh
  • Keeps us informed
  • Entertainment
  • Self expression

Social Media and Society: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Social Media and Society: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

  • communication





Lab #4

Part Two:

Today, according to the National Institutes of Health, Type 2 diabetes accounts for at least 30 percent of all new childhood cases of diabetes in this country.

Part Three:

Maybe that’s because I used to be one of them. I grew up as a typical mid-1980’s latchkey kid.

Part Four:

Without such warnings, we’ll see more sick, obese children and more angry, litigious parents.

Part Five:

Shouldn’t we know better than to eat two meals a day in fast-food restaurants? That’s one argument. But where, exactly, are consumers — particularly teenagers — supposed to find alternatives? Drive down any thoroughfare in America, and I guarantee you’ll see one of our country’s more than 13,000 McDonald’s restaurants. Now, drive back up the block and try to find someplace to buy a grapefruit.

Part Six:

According to a study conducted by Paul Zak, going on social media can raise your oxytocin levels by as mush as 13%, which is equivalent to the hormonal spike of some people on their wedding day. Oxytocin is known as the “love” hormone because it produces feelings of satisfaction and love. Imagine, two scrolls on Twitter can make you as happy as you will or were on your wedding day. Instagram, Facebook and all other platforms give you feelings of pleasure and happiness. No wonder we love it.

Part Seven:

As someone who has attempted to give up social media, I realize how addicting and influential social media has become in today’s society. I could not keep my eyes from seeing Instagram pictures and videos for one whole day. A whole 24 hours! Social media has become part of my life as it has with many other people. According to Pew Research Center, 65% American adults use social networking sites, which has increased 7% since 2005. Usage of social media has significantly increased in this digital age and it is no surprise to find older generations joining the trend. I mean, my mother has a Facebook and Instagram account along with several of my aunts and uncles. My dad once joined Twitter to get traffic updates!




Lab #3

Part I:

The writer I chose is Dale Carnegie.

Conventions and techniques:

-describes things well

-uses a lot of adjectives

-uses strong verbs

-bit of a sarcastic tone

Part II:

It was the first game of the season. A home game. Basketballs flew across the gym from left to right. The sound of dribbling filled the gym. The referee blew his whistle, signalling it was time to begin. One by one, we huddled around our coach, Emilie for a pep talk. I could feel the excitement buzzing around the gym. My royal blue jersey clung to my body as there was no victory over static. The game was on. Paulina grabbed for the ball in the circle and with determination, seized it and passed to Emily. She dribbled up the court, dodging every opponent as I ran to keep up with the game. She went for a layup and right there and then, we had scored the first basket of the season. The four of us on court ran to Emily to celebrate our first two points.

Part III:

The burnt orange leather ball, laced with black lines flew across the gym. Its perfectly round symmetry hit the ground as it bounced back up, defying gravity. My opponent dribbled towards the net, hoping to score some points. Vanessa has another idea in mind. She moved towards the girl and played defensively, waving her arms in the air like a madman. Unfortunately, her defensive tactics failed. The girl passed to her opponent who I was keeping an eye on. But so was Paulina. The girl jumped in the air to catch at the same time as Paulina and I did. In that one split second, as Paulina pushed the other girl, the other girl pushed into me. More specifically, my knee. As I could feel gravity doing its job, an excruciating pain radiated from my knee. I did the only thing I could in the moment. I screamed. My scream as loud as a banshee pierced the room and managed to stop the game.

Part IV:

The Queen of Angels Academy gym was a very particular place. The smooth green tiled floors had several white lines on it to mark the different boundaries for different playing courts. On the far left side of the gym, there was a stage with huge, black as night velvet curtains. The wooden floors of the stage contrasted the muddy green floors of the gym. The big basket ball nets hung on both sides of the gym, towering over everyone. The wooden benches were set up on one side for our first home game of the season. I could feel the energy buzzing through the room. We were pumped and ready to conquer. The referee blew his whistle, signalling that the game was on. The ball flew into the air as each team attempted to grab it.

Part VI:

Hoa yeah. We scored a point. The other team no score. I had the ball and then I fall. Ai yea! I fell and got hurt. I hurt my knee. It was very painful.

Lab #2

Part I:

1- Attempting to give up social media for one day

2- Technology taking over teenagers’ lives, how technology is evolving, being monitored online and no privacy, social media affecting social skills, the dangers of social media, using social media for advertising, neuromarketing, has social media made us more materialistic?, why are all popular Instagram pages full of toned, tanned perfect girls? , Essena O’Neill, how a picture or video can go viral, is social media detrimental to our health?, Why couldn’t I give up social media?, Am I addicted to social media?, How does social media make me feel?, habit, addiction. socializing, Seeking happiness from social media?, alone,

Part II:

Interesting sites:

A New Dawn in Digital: Neuromarketing Meets Social Media


-fake perceptions of reality

-fake images

-use when bored

-first thing when I get up is to check Instagram and then Snapchat, not a good morning

-How much editing goes into an Instagram post?

-Tweet/post on Facebook to get validation (expect people to see it)

-time it takes to create a great caption or tweet

-distraction (studying, from world)

-brain likes visuals (social media provides a lot)

Part III:

1- Why couldn’t I give up social media?

2-Am I addicted to social media because I look for a distraction or because I am unhappy?

3-Is social media providing a place where I concentrate too much on other people’s lives rather than my own?

4-Was I not able to give up social media because I wanted to compare my life to other people’s “perfect” lives?


Part IV:

The rays of light burst through the blinds and entered my room, awaking me from my peaceful slumber. 9:17 a.m. Not a bad time to wake up at but not the best. Today was a special day. I was starting fresh and giving up social media. No more Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook or Twitter. I turned on my phone, gave my last goodbyes to my favourite apps and let the shaking begin. One by one, they were gone. First Twitter with the little x and then Instagram, followed by the two other apps. It feel good. I was going to do it for real this time. I was going to spend the day reading and watching tv without the distraction of my phone and social media. I then got up to use the bathroom and continued on with my day until I felt an itch. An itch to redownload those little apps.

Part V:

9:17 a.m. The bright sun had woke me up once again. It was a nice start to a special day. I was going to give up social media once and for all. No more Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat or Facebook. Those little apps were going to disappear from my phone. I turned on my phone and started my journey one app at a time. They were gone and I was still alive. My day would be spent watching tv and reading instead of mindlessly scrolling and stalking. It was all going well until I felt that itch. The one that made me unlock my phone and press my finger down onto the App Store icon.

Part VI:

The bright rays of light burst happily through the tedious white blinds and entered my room with a great presence, awaking me from my long and peaceful slumber. 9:17 a.m. Not an atrociously bad time to wake up at but not the best and most ideal time. Today was a special and spectacular day. I was starting fresh and new and giving up one of my favourite things, social media. No more “like and comment back” Instagram, funny and ugly Snapchats, continuous stream of statuses on Facebook or retweets on Twitter. I turned on my prized phone and let the games begin. I clicked each app slowly, one at a time, letting




Lab #1


Part I

  1. Personal: attempting to give up social media
  2. News: Zika virus international emergency
  3. News: UK gives scientists go ahead to edit genes of embryos
  4. News: Cold-FX lawsuit alleges drug does not work
  5. Personal: Lost my job because store closed

Part II

  1. Attempting to give up social media: sadness, regret, frustration, anger, shame
  2. Zika virus international emergency: fear, sadness, caution, hope

Part III

  1. Attempting to give up social media: Why couldn’t I give up social media for a day? Why am I obsessed with social media? How has social media affected me?
  2. Zika virus international emergency: Is there a cure? How can we stop the virus? How can we control international outbreaks?

Part IV

Interesting sites:


-social media addiction: to gain online approval

-hungry for social media validation

-Facebook depression
-lowers self-esteem