1. I am currently in the pure and applied science program, which focuses on different aspects of science such as chemistry, biology, physics and mathematics.
  2. I will be using a personal experience of attempting to give up social media for one day to open my article.
  3. The investigative question that I will explore is “Why couldn’t I give up social media for a day?”.
  4. This topic would appeal to a broad audience because in our current day and age, many people use social media for different reasons, such as communicating with long distance friends or family, sharing their experiences or expressing themselves. I think many people may unconsciously be caught up in the online world and not understand why, which is what I will explore in my article.
  5. This is related to my program because social media addiction is linked to neuroscience. Neuroscience is an aspect of health science and is associated with my program.
  6. I believe my article would be a good piece for the online magazine, Slate ( because their life section contains a variety of interesting topics that I feel would fit my article.
  7. Why I couldn’t give up social media for one day raises many questions for me. What part of social media am I addicted to, is social media just a distraction for me or is it something deeper and also if I turn to social media because I am unhappy are some questions that I will hopefully be able to answer. Also, I’d like to write about the scientific aspect of being addicted to social media in relation to our brains liking and releasing hormones in response to social media. Some difficulties that I foresee are organizing my ideas into one, clear and precise article. There are so many things that I can explore with this topic and I want to try to stick to one main focus. I hope that I am able to become more creative and aware after going through this writing process. Writing has not always been one of my strengths but I feel that because I am going to write about something I am interested in, I will improve. I also hope that writing this article allows me to be more conscious about my social media habits and allows others to think about theirs too.
  8. Someone that I can possibly interview is Paul J. Zak who has done extensive research on the association between social media and the release of oxytocin. I can also interview Annick Legault, a psychology professor at Dawson College who could shed some light about the psychological aspect of social media. Some places that I can visit are Ensuite Media, which is a social media agency based in Montreal and the neuroscience department at McGill.

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